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Royalties And License Fees Imports

Map No. 100

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Ireland imports (US$ net) the most royalties and license fees out of all territories in the world. The value of net imports of these services to Ireland is more than three times higher than the next biggest importer, which is China. Ireland’s imports, when divided by the population, are also the highest per person imports in the world. The second biggest per person importer, Hong Kong, imports (net) only a fifteenth of what Ireland imports per head of population.

The high imports to Ireland partly reflect one method multinational companies use to maximise profits made, through exporting goods into the European Union via Ireland.

"It will boost international trade and deliver an enhanced and harmonized trademark procedure that will benefit nations, brands and businesses.” [on the Singapore Treaty on Trademarks] Burhan Gafoor, 2006

Territory size shows the proportion of worldwide net imports of royalties and license fees (in US$) that are received there. Net imports are imports minus exports. When exports are larger than imports the territory is not shown.

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