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Fish At Risk

Map No. 276

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There are 29,300 known species of fish. Under a tenth have been assessed for threatened species status. 40% of these (800 species) were at risk of global extinction in 2004. This map shows fish that live in fresh and salt water - marine species live next to the land that represents them on the map.

Fish species are at risk in almost all territories. The most fish species are at risk in the United States, Mexico, Indonesia and Australia.

The Humphead Wrasse, Bowmouth Guitarfish and Largetooth Sawfish are threatened by fishing and getting caught unintentionally in fishing nets. The Damba Mipentina is threatened by fishing, invasive species, and habitat loss.

"... cyanide and heavy metal-contamined liquid spilled into the Lupus stream, reaching the Szamos, Tisza, and finally Danube rivers and killing hundreds of tonnes of fish ..." Eva Kaszala, 2002

Territory size shows the proportion of fish species assessed as locally at risk of extinction, found there.

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