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Valuables Imports

Map No. 70

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The United States alone imports 59% of all valuables, net. The second biggest net importer, Italy, imports about a tenth of the US$ value of imports to the United States. The third biggest importer of valuables, the United Arab Emirates, imports only two thirds of the valuables (US$ net) that Italy imports.

The United Arab Emirates has the highest per person spending on net valuable imports (US$). This is US$1270 per person. One reason that this territory can afford high net imports of valuables is because of its ‘liquid gold’ - petroleum. Despite exporting diamonds and platinum, South Africa is a high net importer of valuables.

"Will the people in the cheaper seats clap your hands? All the rest of you, if you'll just rattle your jewellery." John Lennon, 1963

Territory size shows the proportion of worldwide net imports of valuables (in US$) that are received there. Net imports are imports minus exports. When exports are larger than imports the territory is not shown.

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