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Spread of the Danish language

This smaller map removes the countries where Danish is dominant. This map therefore only shows 3% of all speakers of Danish. The territory omitted is Denmark.

Click the map for a larger image.

Danish is spoken as a first language by roughly 5.3 million people, in at least 11 territories. It is the de facto language of Denmark, and until June 2009 was an official language in Greenland, where it is spoken by most of the population as either a first or second language.

Danish has many similarities with Norwegian and Swedish; in fact, all three are largely mutually intelligible, and are often considered as dialects of a Scandinavian continuum.

There is a community of Danish speakers numbering around 50,000 in Southern Schleswig, part of northern Germany near the border with Denmark. There are also Danish speakers in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Territory size shows the proportion of all people who speak Danish as a first language that live in that territory.

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