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Worldmapper was founded 2006 at the University of Sheffield as a collaborative effort on creating a large world maps (called cartograms), where territories are re-sized on each map according to the subject of interest. This website is the archive of the original project website with nearly 700 of our first maps. Maps 1-366 are also available as PDF posters. Use the menu above to find a map of interest. Worldmapper also feature a series of population maps using a novel gridded cartogram approach: Worldmapper Population Atlas. If you are interested in more background on map projections, read the short introductions about Worldmapper and map projections and gridded cartograms as a map projection.

Looking for new and updated maps? This is the Worldmapper archive! For the main website, go to

Reference maps ...
Total Population Map
Total Population
Land Area Map
Land Area
Land Area Map
Labelled Map
Gridded Country Cartograms
World Population Atlas:
Gridded Country Cartograms
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  • Use 'Map Categories' or 'Thumbnail Index' to choose a map
  • A large PDF poster is provided with each map for printing
  • The original Worldmapper project was realised by many people, including Mark Newman, Danny Dorling, Anna Barford, Ben Wheeler, John Pritchard, Graham Allsopp and Benjamin Hennig.
Worldmapper books: The atlas of the real world Rediscovering the World
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This is the Worldmapper archive. The main website with many new and regularly updated maps can be found on
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