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In addition to the project team (see 'About Us'), this project has received the support of the following organisations:

The methods and data used here have also built upon the work of many other people and organisations, notably:

The design of the website has been much influenced by suggestions from the project team, and was drastically improved with some advice offered freely by Tim Levell and Mike Ellis (Vertigo Media) - many thanks guys! David Dorling, Megan Barford and Bethan Thomas have also made important contributions. Other people who have made suggestions are included in the list of acknowledgements below.

The globe image that forms the 'O' in Worldmapper is taken from

The hosting of the website has been made much easier due to the work by the web team at CiCS (University of Sheffield) on the cpanel service, and special thanks to Richard Brierton for his help with this, and also Richard Gilbert.


Many more people have taken the time to offer their help or advice to the Worldmapper team, improving the quality of the materials here. Not everyone wanted to be listed, so thanks are owed to the following people, and everyone else who has helped. Apologies if we missed anyone out unwittingly.

  • Rakesh Aggarwal
  • Saïd Al-Haddad, FM Brussel
  • Peter Archibald, Energy and Environment Researcher, Pure Resonance Humanitarian Department
  • Blaise Arena
  • Megan Barford
  • Roger Barford
  • Richard Blundell
  • Philip Boydell
  • Jon Braithwaite
  • James Brasington
  • Michael Brooks, New Scientist
  • Nick Brough, Interazione srl
  • Terry Cannon, Reader in Development Studies, School of Humanities, and Fellow of the Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich
  • Marcel Cardillo
  • Saul Cups, Café Tableaux
  • Alejandro Corvala
  • Phil Doerler
  • Carl R. Downey
  • Rainer Dückerhoff
  • Mike Ellis, The Science Museum
  • Dan Fiedler
  • Harvey S. Frey
  • Iain Galbraith
  • Alison George, New Scientist
  • Steven Goldfinger
  • David Graff, Division of Medical Imaging Physics, Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions
  • Diana M. Grusczynski
  • Luigi Guarino
  • Antti Hietala
  • Martin Hiller, Communications Manager, WWF Climate Change Communications Manager, WWF International
  • Andy Jamieson, 4C Measurement Ltd
  • Charu Jasani, World Nuclear Association
  • Eva Johansson
  • Gabor Kakonyi
  • Dan D.W. Kang
  • Justin Kitzes
  • John Ky
  • Maxim Lapin
  • Marilina Lenarduzzi, member of GCA/AREA ONLUS-Italy
  • Chris Lesniewski-Laas
  • Jonathan Loh, WWF International and Institute of Zoology
  • Denise Longo
  • Ana Lopez Garcia
  • Daniel Malone
  • Christophe Marianne
  • John Modricker
  • Wolfgang Muller
  • Lutz Nevermann
  • Santanu Pal
  • Tobias Pfeil
  • Ethel Pirola Igoa
  • Lindsay Pritchard
  • Master Nathan Pritchard
  • Dominique Reynié
  • Ethel Rowland, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
  • Nadia Scheys, FM Brussel
  • Ian Scott, Injury and Violence Prevention, WHO
  • Harvey Smith
  • Stef Smits
  • Michael Steffen
  • Tiffany Tao
  • Victor Terber
  • John Tons
  • Harry Trusted
  • Bart Viaene
  • Mathis Wackernagel
  • Ashley Waddell
  • Zerong Wang
  • Ron Wardenier (Flamingo MapComponents and
  • Hannes Wiesmann

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