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Respiratory Disease Deaths
457. Respiratory Disease Deaths
Chronic Bronchitis Deaths
458. Chronic Bronchitis Deaths
Asthma Deaths
459. Asthma Deaths
Digestive Tract Diseases Deaths
460. Digestive Tract Diseases Deaths
Peptic Ulcer Disease Deaths
461. Peptic Ulcer Disease Deaths
Cirrhosis Of The Liver Deaths
462. Cirrhosis Of The Liver Deaths
Appendicitis Deaths
463. Appendicitis Deaths
Genitourinary Tract Diseases Deaths
464. Genitourinary Tract Diseases Deaths
Kidney Disease Deaths
465. Kidney Disease Deaths
Deaths from enlarged Prostate
466. Deaths from enlarged Prostate
Skin Disease Deaths
467. Skin Disease Deaths
All Musculoskeletal Disease Deaths
468. All Musculoskeletal Disease Deaths

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