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Death Maps

World Total Unit Year
Life Expectancy 417572 million years 2000-2005
Increased Life Expectancy 57600 million years 1970/75-2000/05
Female Life Expectancy 13176 million years gain of women over men 2002
Maternal Mortality 533584 number of women 2000
Stillbirths 3316442 stillbirths 2000
Early Neonatal Mortality 3014325 early neo-natal deaths 2000
Infant Mortality 7194688 infant deaths 2002
Infant Mortality Change 6835430 infants not dying 1970-2002
Mortality 1-4 Year Olds 3197254 children aged 1-4 deaths 2002
Mortality Change 1-4 Year Olds 4518220 children aged 1-4 not dying 1970-2002
Female Mortality 15-60 Year Olds 331891 females dying aged 15-60 2003
Male Mortality 15-60 Year Olds 480751 males dying aged 15-60 2003

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