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Disaster Maps

World Total Unit Year
Affected by Disasters 168857 people affected by disasters / yr 1975-2004
Killed by Disasters 55814 people killed by disasters / yr 1975-2004
Killed in Earthquakes
18116 people killed by earthquakes / yr 1975-2000
Killed by Volcanoes
976 people killed by volcanoes / yr 1975-2000
Killed by Drought
21546 people killed by droughts / yr 1975-2000
Killed by Floods 6562 people killed by floods / yr 1975-2000
Killed by Storms
10627 people killed by storms / yr 1975-2000
Killed by Avalanches and Landslides 643 people killed by slides / yr 1975-2000
Killed by Extreme Temperature 589 people killed by temperature / yr 1975-2000
Affected by Insect Infestation
49.3 million people affected by insect infestations / yr 1974-2004

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