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Communication Maps

World Total Unit Year
Telephone Faults 3149 million faults per year 2002 or nearest
Telephone Revenue 3933 billion US$ per year 2002
Telephone Lines 1990 516 million mainlines 1990
Telephone Lines 2002 1105 million mainlines 2002
Cellular Subscribers 1990 12.4 million subscribers 1990
Cellular Subscribers 2002 1174 million subscribers 2002
Internet Users 1990 2.8 million users 1990
Internet Users 2002 631 million users 2002
Personal Computers 593 million P.C.s 2002
Cable Subscriptions 355 million subscribers 2002
Televisions In Use 1849 million television sets 2002
Radios In Use 2648 million radio sets 2002
Daily Newspapers 507 million daily newspapers 2002
Weekly Newspapers 557 million non-daily newspapers 2002
Books Published 1.0 million new books published 1999 or nearest
Books Borrowed 6156 million books borrowed 1999 or nearest
Films Watched 7586 million people attending cinemas 1999 or nearest
Electricity Access 4516 million people with electricity access 2000

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