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Transport Maps

World Total Unit Year
Aircraft Departures 21249 thousand annual aircraft departures 2003
Aircraft Flights 25296 million kilometres 2000
Aircraft Passengers 1663721 thousand people annually 2000
Rail Passengers 2236916 million passenger-kilometres annually 2002/03
Passenger Cars 590 million cars 2002
Mopeds & Motorcycles 205 million mopeds and motorcycles 2002
Vehicle Freight 202 million freight vehicles 2002
Rail Freight 8083863 million tonne-kilometres annually 2002/03
Road Network 28921 thousand kilometres 2002
Rail Network 1014 thousand kilometres 2002
Aircraft Freight 403230 million tonne-kilometres annually 2000
Container Ports 106632 million port containers 2002/03
Oil Tankers 304400 thousand deadweight tonnes 2002
Cargo Shipping 470449 thousand deadweight tonnes 2002

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