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Poverty Maps

World Total Unit Year
Human Development 698 Human Development Index (HDI) rating *** 2002
Human Poverty 202 Human Poverty Index rating *** 2002
Development Increase* 156 HDI rating increase *** 1975-2002
Development Decrease** 2 HDI rating decrease *** 1975-2003
Undernourishment in 1990 840 million people 1990
Undernourishment in 2000 858 million people 2000
The Wretched Dollar (up to $1 a day) 1073 million people 1990-2000
Absolute Poverty (up to $2 a day) 2698 million people 1990-2002
Gender Empowerment 440 Gender Empowerment Measure 2002
Underweight Children 439 million children under 5 1995-2002

* Sum of those territories where there has been an increase in the Human Development Index
** Sum of those territories where there has been a decrease in the Human Development Index
*** 0 = low; 1000 = high


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